Au Pair Program


The Au Pair program is an educational and cultural exchange program designed to give foreign nationals a great opportunity to live with an American host family and participate directly in their home life while providing limited childcare services. Through this program, exchange visitors and host families take part in a mutually rewarding, unique, intercultural opportunity.

As au pairs provide live-in childcare they become a part of the host family. The host family will share with them their culture, traditions and language. This is the best solution for American families as they select an au pair who is carefully interviewed and screened by our representatives and who meets all of the requirements. Au Pairs provide up to 45 hours of child care each week including help with household duties related to children. The host family can arrange a weekly schedule based on their individual needs.

Applications for Au Pair Program now open

All au pair candidates are carefully screened and interviewed by Global Work & Training Agency as representatives and they have to provide at least 200 documented hours of childcare experience that may include working as a nanny, babysitter or teacher. Au pair candidates must fulfill a number of general requirements, and pass a background investigation, as well as demonstrate a desire to care for children. They must complete all requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of State.


Our Au Pair candidates must meet the requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of State are as it follows:

  • be a non-U.S. citizen
  • be between the ages of 18 and 26;
  • be proficient in spoken English;
  • be secondary school graduate or equivalent;
  • be in good health;
  • pass a background investigation that includes verification of school, references, criminal record check and personality profile (psychometric test);
  • be able to provide 3 non-family related references, of which some must be related to childcare (at least 200 documented hours of childcare experience);
  • be personally interviewed, in English, by Au Pair 4 Me representative;
  • complete a detailed application;
  • have a passion for childcare;⦁ be able to commit to a 12-month position.

If you meet all the requirements listed above, you are adventurous, curious, and interested in learning about a new country and its culture, you love children and spending time with them, then this program is for you.


Au Pair 4 Me offers a unique cultural exchange program for young, adventurous, and curious people from different countries. It gives you a great opportunity to experience American life while providing a legal, affordable alternative to traditional childcare for American host families. The participants have a chance to experience the culture and diversity that the United States has to offer as well as to study, travel, and make new friends from all over the world. Throughout the year, while living with an American family and caring for their children, you will experience new adventures and English language will become a matter of course.

Through this program, exchange visitors and host families take part in a mutually rewarding, unique, intercultural opportunity. Being an au pair can be your best and most exciting life experience. You can impact positively on the lives of your host family and children by sharing with them your knowledge, experience, culture, and your language. If you want to experience the adventure of your life and make your dreams come true, this program is for you!

  • Earn a minimum weekly stipend of $195.75 ($10,000 + a year!) as a Standard Au Pair, $146.81 a minimum as an Edu Care Au Pair or $250 a minimum as a Plus Au Pair
  • Receive up to $500 ($1,000 for Edu Care) of the educational stipend
  • Earn two weeks of paid vacation
  • Extend your stay as an au pair for up to 12 months and earn another $10,000 a year!