Winter Work and Travel in Finland

Seasonal Work Program

If you have been part of the Summer Work and Travel before, then you have the advantage of applying to this program. The jobs that will be offered to you are in luxury hotels of Finland.

APPLY NOW for seasonal employment during the winter period in the beautiful state of Finland! Those interested should apply no later than April 10, 2021!


Appy for Winter Work and Travel in Finland

In partnership with prestigious companies in several well-known cities in Finland, we will provide seasonal employment during winter in Finland for a period of 6 months. By now you have probably heard some of you have been part of Summer Work and Travel, but, as never before, we will bring you a new experience, seasonal employment during the winter season from which you can benefit greatly as in terms of work experience, learning Finnish and other Nordic languages, as well as in terms of finance.

Some of the work positions are:

  • Waiter,
  • Receptionist,
  • Room Maintenance,
  • Guest service agent,
  • Goalkeeper,
  • Servants,
  • Chef,
  • Kitchen helper,
  • Elves (Santa Claus Collaborators; People Who Make Kids Laugh)

People who are interested in getting more information about this program and the application process, please contact us at the following telephone numbers: +383 45 484 017 and +383 49 485 963.